Generation Z prefers a millennial boss


This passionate, flexible and open-minded generation prioritizes career growth while choosing an employer.

We all talk a lot about the preferences of millennials, their lifestyles, preferred employers, jobs, and so on. But there is a Generation Z in the making, which is right behind the millennials. This generation is very optimistic about their future. They are far ahead in planning their career – internships and jobs.

According to a survey of interns at the 21st Annual International Intern Leadership Conference by E&Y, it was found that Generation Z feels more confident about their future than their parents. Around 63 per cent of the 1600 Generation Z interns surveyed felt confident that, they will be financially better off and happier in their jobs than their parents.

The survey found that the technology/automation and a firm culture of inclusiveness are the reasons for their bright future.

Generation Z is optimistic that technology will have positive impact on their working. Around 76 per cent of the interns believe that new technology will change the way they work, while 66 per cent believe it will increase their productivity. 52 per cent feel that new technology will add more value to their work, while 17 per cent of the respondents are of the opinion that new technology will limit the number of jobs for them.

This generation is very passionate, flexible and open minded. Around 84 per cent of the respondents like to work with people from various backgrounds, so as to differentiate them from the older generation.

The individuals in this generation are very much concerned about their career growth. Around 84 per cent give priority to professional development, while considering an employer. Also, this generation gives importance to work flexibility. Around 50 per cent of the respondents were in favour of work flexibility. Only one per cent gives importance to salary, 16 per cent to maternity and paternity leave and 24 per cent to working abroad.

The survey reveals that 67 per cent of the Gen Z respondents would like to have a millennial manager over a Gen X or baby boomer.

66 percent of the Gen Z respondents consider job satisfaction and financial stability to be equal goals.

Considering these insights, companies need to buckle up and respond accordingly, to attract and retain these talents.


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