Millennial parents more likely to use AI technology to educate their children


Parents are already considering AI-powered tutors and pet robots for Gen Alpha.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a great impact on humans in coming days. Its use is being explored in many areas, and it is helping simplify activities in a way that we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. Not only businesses, but the personal lives of humans will also get impacted with AI. People are excited to make greater use of technology in making their lives simpler and more convenient.

Today, millennials and Generation Alpha, born between 2010 and through 2025, are fond of using various apps, intelligent devices and tech products in their daily life. People in this generation are more attached to tech products and AI technologies.

A study of millennial parents with Generation Alpha children was done by IEEE to find out how AI will impact the lives of kids and parents in the future. According to the findings, around 46 per cent of the millennial parents trust AI. Around 39 per cent believe that AI will help them diagnose and treat their children if they fall ill.

Approx. 63 per cent of the millennial parents think that they would rely on AI to help them live independently in their golden years, while the remaining 37 per cent feel they would depend on their own children to survive through old age.

AI is going to significantly impact the education of Generation Alpha.  It will be applied in various toys and apps, which will respond to human language and child behaviour in the future. This will make real-time monitoring of infants convenient and also help enhance their vocabulary.

Around 80 per cent of the millennial parents expect AI to help Generation Alpha learn fast and more than what they did. Also, around 74 per cent are considering an AI-powered tutor for their child!

AI is also being used to make pet robots today, which can identify, greet, obey and entertain the family. Around 48 per cent millennial parents consider having robot pets for their children instead of real pets, if their children so demand. There is a slight difference in the preference of millennial fathers and mothers, when it comes to pet robots. While 55 per cent of the fathers are more likely to get a pet robot for the child, only 42 percent of the women would do the same.

AI can be used to read human behaviour, which robots use to walk and talk to humans. Around 40 per cent of the millennial parents feel that a human nanny can be replaced by a robot nanny, which can take care of their children.

While AI can greatly simplify the lives of people, its use is still being explored. Therefore, we can expect great changes in the near future.

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