Why it is important to appoint a ‘vibe manager’


These managers ensure the workplace is trendy enough for its employees, which, in turn, ensures better productivity.

Today, companies are giving importance to the look and feel of the workplace. The way office spaces are designed has a great impact on the employees’ engagement level, wellness and productivity. Most startups today, have well-designed office spaces helping them create a conducive environment, which increases the overall employee productivity.

Also, businesses are increasingly becoming concerned about creating good vibes at the workplace, so that employee productivity rises. In fact, they are looking out for managers who can create the same within the office.

These vibe managers are responsible for planning office parties, workplace outings, dinners and other activities that are in sync with current trends in the concerned industry. They need to find the best venues, hotels, menus and places to connect employees and clients. They are expected to keep track of the latest drifts and lifestyle in the industry and adopt the same.

These trendy arrangements not only ensure that employees enjoy, but also do wonders for their satisfaction level. Today, millennials are on the lookout for employers who are cool and up-to-date, and also resonate their lifestyle.

Some organisations get their vibe mangers to organise monthly birthday celebrations, happy hours, agency parties and professional development lunches. 

These managers are also involved in researching and promoting healthy office activities, such as lunch time yoga, chair massage, and so on. They assist the operations manager in ordering office supplies that make employees feel happy and welcome.

They even support the marketing team in organising branded events, inviting guest speakers and looking after the event from start to end.

The role requires the individual to be a ‘go to’ person, possess super problem-solving abilities and have a sense of humour. Given the work and kind of responsibilities involved, young people are fit for this role.

In San Francisco, there is a company called the Bateman Group, which has a position of ‘talent and vibe manager’. It has a ‘vibe squad’ of 10 young people for planning and executing events that make employees and clients happy and satisfied. They also prepare reports of the total expenditure towards the events and come out with ‘out of the box’ ideas for office activities. They are paid between 75,000 to $6,80,000 per year. Some of the managers, with extra managerial responsibilities, are paid around $1,40,000 or more!


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