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Should employee engagement only focus on retaining employees?

Engaged employees are definitely happier, not just at the workplace but also at home. How many times have we heard this? Employee engagement has...

How to up productivity during festive months

With the festive season already having kicked in, people are soaking in the spirit of merrymaking. However, the energy, enthusiasm and festive aura is...

How sleep deprivation reduces productivity at work

Organisations should realise that sleep impacts cognitive performance, and lack of it may jeopardise relationships between leaders and their teams. 

The topography of employee engagement

One may argue that a happy employee is an engaged employee, however, these are two entirely different facets and the former may or may not lead to the latter

How rising temperature affects productivity

South Asia will be the most affected region, with productivity losses equivalent to 4.8 per cent corresponding to around 40 full-time jobs.

How rudeness in the workplace hampers productivity and performance

Witnessing morning rudeness may adversely impact performance and goal progress.

Traditional approaches have to take a backseat: Sriharsha Achar

From more empowerment to moon lighting, Sriharsha Achar, executive director & chief people officer, Apollo Munich Health Insurance shares eight major trends for HR to look forward to this year.

The ‘Hawthorne Effect’ in the modern workplace

Employees, irrespective of the era they belong to, always desire to be heard and valued; this is what motivates them and ultimately enhances productivity.

Indian employees are vacation deprived

Around 55 per cent Indians feel that lack of vacations decreases productivity.

How biophilia boosts productivity at Piramal’s new Mumbai office

Experts opine that a biophilic design impacts productivity, creativity and collaboration.

How to maximise remote staff productivity

Here’s what organisations should do to ensure they keep their remote staff motivated and performing well

Long work hours don’t ensure high productivity

In Luxembourg, people work for only 29 hours per week, and the country has the highest productivity of £51.80 per person per hour. Find out about the most productive countries with minimum working hours.

Why it is important to appoint a ‘vibe manager’

These managers ensure the workplace is trendy enough for its employees, which, in turn, ensures better productivity.

Employees & employers are diagonally opposite on ‘work from home’

According to a survey done by TimesJobs, while 90 percent of the respondent employees were keen to work from home, 75 percent of the respondent employers weren’t comfortable with the idea.

Creative makeover of workplaces

Chairs in offices are giving way to quirky bean bags or couches, and swanky coffee tables are replacing the boring study/work desks. Even the conference rooms are getting more playful, be it with the furniture, the décor or the entire setup itself.

Accenture launches IA platform myWizard

The platform will help organisations increase productivity by 60 per cent.

Does ‘work from home’ affect productivity?

Companies are increasingly allowing the ‘work from home’ facility, but does this benefit them? HR Katha finds out…



Continuous learning is the key to future success for organisations

The business scenario these days is so dynamic that it is keeping companies on their toes. It’s not just hard to predict where and...

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Cat naps can increase productivity!

Risposo in Italy, inemuri in Japan or simply siesta in Spain and other countries— call it what you may, but research has shown that...

Make Monday a ‘Fun’ day

The noun 'blues' refers to a 'sad' feeling, and has nothing to do with the colour blue. This feeling may arise from laziness or...

Eli Lilly plays guardian angel to its employees

In the pharma industry, the sales team comprises remote workers. The work of these salespeople generally requires them to travel, usually on two wheelers,...



Bosch India – Celebrating diversity in various forms

Diversity is more than just reaching a target or a milestone in the male–female ratio at the workplace. It is more about giving equal...

Water crisis forces Chennai IT employees to work from home

Chennai IT companies situated on Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) have asked their staff to work from home due to scarcity of water. It is reported...

BPCL hires 11 women engineers for night shift

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has taken a huge step towards gender equality at the workplace by hiring 11 women chemical engineers to work...

Industrial workers to take home higher salaries, ESIC contribution lowered

With effect from 1 July, approx. four crore industrial and other workers earning up to Rs 21,000 every month, will enjoy raised take-home salaries....



“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...

“Successful women are ambitious and focussed on their careers,” Shalini Pillay

She understands the imperatives for an organisation from a talent perspective. She possesses the consulting skills required to provide solutions. She is also a...

“Automation will create a multiplier effect in the economy, which people don’t understand,” Ravi...

Automation and the volatile behaviour of workers have brought in a lot of challenges for HR in the changing automobile industry, which is now...