Aussie company takes team on all-expenses-paid holiday to Bali

Sydney-based marketing firm, Soup Agency, took its employees on a refreshing two-week long trip where they had fun even while working


Employees at Sydney-based marketing firm, Soup Agency, were met with a very pleasant surprise when their employer revealed to them that they would get to go on a holiday to Bali. What was even better was that they did not have to pay for anything. The two-week long holiday was completely paid for by their employer.

The trip, however, was a mix of work as well as fun, as the team bonded over various activities, including swimming, snorkelling and quad biking. The team consisted of members from different departments, who worked together for the first time as part of this team-building exercise, and that too beyond the office.

A video shared by the Company on Instagram and captioned, “A wrap-up of Bali — first working holiday as a team”, shows the team members having a fun time together, hiking, swimming, doing yoga, drinking and dining even while being part of work-related meetings.

Many employees felt that such a meaningful and fun experience has never been had ever since the agency’s inception.

The pandemic reportedly encouraged the Company to focus more on team building and bonding beyond the workplace and take employee experience and team work up a notch.

It was a fun and refreshing trip where the team was productive during the holiday. They enjoyed even while managing to interact and collaborate on work matters.

The Company is reportedly already planning its next working holiday in some European location.

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