Why you should plan for retirement before you join work

You will be happy post retirement, only if you have planned for it in your youth.


There is a saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’. The meaning of this proverb is that if there is a task that needs to be done, it must be done while you still have a chance to do it. This validates our opening statement because work is like a rollercoaster. Once you are in it, you will be driven so fast that there will be no time to dream of a beautiful life that awaits you after retirement.


The child in you

Once there lived an innocent fellow inside you who dreamt of becoming an astronaut because outer space intrigued him. He admired the stars and wanted to get close to the celestial objects in the sky. When you entered college, the outside chaos shut the little fellow out. Alas! the day you started working that fellow was executed. So, people, make written notes and pin them on boards so that you never forget all the jobs and tasks that you wanted to do as a child. After retirement, your dream work will start.


Creativity suffers the most when you start work. The monotonous nature of everyday tasks makes your mind work on autopilot. You form habits and habits form you. The bond between you and your habits is so strong that there is no room left for creativity. Creativity means thinking differently and making the impossible possible. Don’t let your creative ideas die from the routine involved in work. Make plans with those ideas and keep them in a safe for the future.


This is a well-deserved reward every working man gets. The harder you work, the quicker this comes to you. Hard work starts from school and reaches exceptional heights in college. When you start work, you have already reached the peak in energy levels. From there onwards, it’s about rolling downwards. You do not want to make decisions about your retirement in that state of mental and physical ability. Thus, it makes best sense to plan your retirement before your energy levels start dwindling.


Have you become more capable with age? Yes, maybe, maybe not. With this we come to the last but not the least point to justify our opening statement. Everyday we wake up with a million thoughts in our mind. There is always room for new thoughts; our mind is magical. These thoughts are forever fighting with each other and each day there is a new winner. Therefore, we have conflicting opinions and ideas. The older you get, more are the thoughts and greater the conflict. Decisions cannot be made in such a frame of mind. You will be better placed in your retired life, if you have made plans for it while you were young and zesty.

Remember, retirement is not an end, it’s the start of a new beginning — a new you.

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