Jet Airways’ pilots to take legal path if salaries don’t get paid

The members of NAG have sent a notice to the CEO of the Airline, giving time till 14 April to pay the pending salaries.


The union of Jet Airways’ pilots, the National Aviators Guild (NAG) has sent a notice to the CEO of Jet Airways expressing that they have stretched themselves too far in trying to cooperate. The pilots are now demanding that all pending salaries and arrears be cleared by 14 April or they will be forced to take legal recourse.

The members of the guild are not unanimous about refusing to fly. Some pilots also feel that the funds that have been infused, of about Rs 1500 crore, will not be enough to clear all the dues of the staff of the full-service airline and also continue smooth operations. However, NAG admits that despite disagreements within the guild, the members are trying to be as democratic as possible and hope that the banks will bail them out.

With Jet Airways’ flights being grounded and news of pilots planning a strike, airfares had also gone up drastically. The spot prices went up to about Rs 17000 to Rs 20,000 on the Delhi-Mumbai route. If the pilots decide to continue flying, the airfares may also become more stable. Most of the domestic flights had been used to full capacity last month and indicated high saturation, as reported by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

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