Some Jet employees cling to hope, while one commits suicide

Employees of the Airline have not received their salaries for some time now, and have been struggling financially.


A Mumbai-based senior technician of Jet Airways is alleged to have jumped off the terrace of the four-storey building he resided in. The forty-five year old employee, Shailesh Singh, was suffering from cancer. Though he left no suicide note, it has come to light that he was in a lot of physical pain because of his condition and was rather frustrated. With no salary coming his way, he was clearly under a lot of financial stress too. He had been undergoing chemotherapy, and was depressed as a result.

This was the first case of suicide by an employee ever since Jet Airways suspended operations.

According to the National Aviators Guild (NAG), the employees of Jet have no idea what their future is going to be like and if the Government doesn’t do something to help them, more lives may be lost. With the old promoters having resigned, and the staff having no clue as to who was taking over, the future seemed quite bleak to them.

On behalf of the employees, NAG has been repeatedly appealing to the Government to intervene.

Meanwhile, more than 200 employees of Jet Airways turned out in their uniforms to participate in a candlelight march near Jantar Mantar. They were appealing to the lenders of the Airline and the Government to rescue the Airline and save their future.

A similar gathering had taken place earlier this month following which the staff of Jet had been assured that remedial measures will be taken, but nothing significant or positive has happened ever since.

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