Airtel onboarded 7000+ hires in FY23

The company focused on strategic skills, especially in roles involving development, big data, SDET, and program management


Bharti Airtel onboarded 7,248 new employees in the fiscal year 2023 (FY23). In the annual report of the FY23, the telecommunications company expressed its confidence in possessing exceptional talent within the organisation.

In line with the business objectives, the company’s focus is on the holistic development of its human resources by establishing meaningful career paths, cultivating influential leadership skills, and providing an excellent employee experience.

In the recent hiring spree, the company looked more towards strategic proficiencies, particularly in positions related to development, big data, SDET, and programme management, were brought in-house.

Moreover, the company has recently established a new technology centre in Pune, which employs over 400 employees. The initiative has significantly improved talent calibre, decreased staff attrition, quicker project completion, and considerable cost savings due to this shift in resourcing strategy.

Additionally, Airtel allocated a larger budget for employee training, investing more than Rs 101 million in the recently concluded fiscal year, a notable increase from the Rs 95 million spent in FY22. Furthermore, the company’s objective is to generate lasting benefits for its workforce, with a strong emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and the overall welfare of its employees.

The recent hiring numbers are said to be a significant rise from the 4,862 new employees hired in the fiscal year 2022. Nevertheless, the company decreased its internal recruitment in the fiscal year 2023, with 1,498 hires, in contrast to the 2,988 hires in the fiscal year 2022.

Moreover, during the fiscal year 2023, Airtel’s workforce consisted of 17,292 permanent employees and 52,299 contractual employees. In the previous fiscal year 2022, the company had 14,774 permanent employees and over 53,000 contractual employees.

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