Ola stalls layoffs, brings relief to anxious staff

In May 2020, Ola had laid off about 33% of the workforce and in July this year, about 400 people in a bid to cut costs.


Recently, there were media reports about Ola considering laying off about 10 per cent of the workforce, that is, about 200 engineers. At the time, it appeared that Ola wished to focus more on non-software engineering domains, with emphasis on enhancing its capabilities in the areas of engineering, as well as research and development (R&D).

Media reports had suggested that the Company may ask members of its software teams to leave. However, now, the decision to layoff has been stalled at Ola. There may be a reassessment later and a re-valuation basis which a decision may be taken to reduce the team size.

The news of the Company’s layoff decision had led to a lot of disturbance in the workforce and caused much anxiety to the employees. Therefore, it looks like the Company has decided not to lay off employees for the time being.

Earlier, the layoffs were supposed to happen as part of a restructuring exercise aimed at centralising operations, minimising redundancy and building a strong lateral structure.

The restructuring process, however, will continue at the Group.

Presently, Ola has about 2,000 engineers and is trying to expand its engineering team to more than 5,000 in the next year and a half. Its primary ride-hailing division itself has about 1,100 employees.

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