OneAbove to hire 100+ in 6 months, across product, design, marketing & tech

This will be Flam’s first walk-in recruitment experience in the metaverse


Flam, the social metaverse company, has announced a walk-in recruitment experience in the metaverse through its platform, OneAbove. As a part of its growth strategy, Flam will hire over 100 employees within the next six months.

The in-house metaverse recruitment platform is looking to hire mid-to senior-level positions across departments, with a focus on product, engineering, design and technology roles.

Shourya Agarwal, CEO, and co-founder, Flam, admits that the pandemic “significantly accelerated the metaverse adoption timescale. As companies are growing bullish on unlocking this emerging opportunity, Flam is driving the metaverse adoption by creating bite-sized AR customer experiences”.

He goes on to share, “We are expanding in a way that eventually millions of users will live, connect and socialise in the Flam metaverse”.

Agarwal adds that OneAbove has been launched with the aim of “augmenting our employee experience” and “attempting to eliminate any form of prejudices”. The platform will handle the “3E’s of the recruitment process namely excitement, experience, and evaluation of the candidates which differentiates it from a regular interview,”explains Agarwal.

OneAbove was curated within a month, with an investment of US$ 50,000 and a team of 25 employees. The platform, designed to represents Flam’s workplace and culture, is capable of hosting a meeting of 50 people at a time. The Company wishes to offer a first-hand experience of metaverse to all the walk-in candidates.

In collaboration with colleges, Flam plans to help students understand the metaverse.

Flam allows candidates to enter the metaverse using their laptops and desktops and without any additional hardware. The platform lets the avatars of candidates interact with the recruiters, with a maximum of 15 candidates being present at a time.

With over 600 million interactions on the platform and commanding 7,00,000+ AR creators, Flam is building the world’s first social network on the metaverse through an enriching augmented reality (AR) experience. Its aim is to harmonise virtual and physical realities and provide a platform for people to live, create, and socialise in the most immersive and engaging ways. The startup is backed by investors such as Silicon Valley Quad, Inventus Capital Partners, 9Unicorns, Kwaish Ventures and other angel investors.

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