Overcoming job search struggles in the tech industry: One engineer’s journey

A story of persistence, rejection, and success in the face of layoffs and budget constraints


A software engineer from Delhi recently shared on LinkedIn his struggle to secure a job after being turned down by over 150 companies in eight months. Farhan, who had previously worked for Zomato, revealed that despite applying to more than 150 companies, only 10 responded to his application.

Farhan highlighted that it had been far harder to obtain a job after he gained some work experience, compared to his efforts as a fresh graduate. “It’s been a tough time for the tech industry because of the layoffs,” said Farhaan.

Despite passing all rounds and being scheduled for a final interview at Amazon’s Scotland office, Farhan was unable to proceed further due to a hiring freeze announcement. Similarly, he was turned down by Google India after one of the rounds. Farhan revealed that he faced numerous rejections, even after investing over 60 hours in completing take-home assignments. He also claimed that some businesses “ditched” him after the final round of interviews due to budget constraints.

Despite his challenges, Farhan remained optimistic and encouraged other job seekers not to get discouraged. He advised them to constantly work on their skills and make meaningful connections. Farhan’s persistence finally paid off in February when he was hired by an online marketplace.

The tech industry’s layoffs have made it harder than usual for job seekers to find work, with big tech companies like Amazon, Meta, and Google cutting thousands of jobs in recent months. With the threat of a recession looming, it’s important for job seekers to remain positive and persistent in their job search.

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