Royal Caribbean Cruises stalls India hiring amidst surge in COVID cases

Movement of the crew members to and from India has also been restricted, to ensure safety of guests and staff


Citing the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in India, Royal Caribbean Cruises has temporarily suspended its plans to hire from India. According to a communiqué, the Company had to resort to this decision because of the circumstances. The communiqué stated, “It’s not the way that we want to operate, but it is the reality of the quick changes we need to make based on different reasons that are often unplanned and beyond our direct control.”

It has been reported that about300 crew members were supposed to be working on the Anthem of Seas ship of Royal Caribbean Cruises, May 3, 2021 onwards. However, according to the changed protocols, they will be accommodated on the basis of the quarantine guidelines.

The American global cruise company has confirmed that it will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in not just India, but around the world. It will modify its own travel restrictions accordingly and follow the guidelines set by the area administrations where the numbers of cases are high. In order to assure the right health of the crew and guests, movement of crew members from and to India will be put under certain restrictions.

Presently, India has reached a record number of single-day infections, touching an alarming 3,52, 991. While the highest number of cases have been witnessed in Maharashtra, the next on the list is Kerala, followed by Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and so on. So far, the country has recorded over 17million cases out of which the recovery rate stands at about 14.3million.

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