‘Sight of crying co-workers is demotivating,’ says Amazon employee

The layoffs at the e-commerce company's Indian arm, expected to affect a 1000 this month, are already underway


Amidst massive layoffs at Amazon India, the atmosphere is becoming very grim according to an employee who described the scenes at work on an anonymous community app.

On the app, called Grapevine, the Indian employee mentions how despite being amongst the retained staff, he does not feel happy or lucky for being amongst the retained staff because ““You can hear people breaking down and crying in the office”. Going by the user name ‘Batman 1’, it is assumed that the employee is a male, who is evidently finding it difficult to work when co-workers are being fired around him.

In the ongoing layoffs, about 18,000 are expected to be rendered jobless at the e-commerce company, globally. In India, around 1,000 are to be let go this month itself, and the process is already underway.

The saddened employee’s post has gone viral. His post mentions that 75 per cent of his team has been laid off leaving him with no motivation to work. He goes on to say how he had to rely on alcohol to drink his sadness away. He also mentions that he couldn’t sleep the whole night and that he was planning to call in sick the next day.

Some of those who reacted to his post point out that the fired employees were being well compensated and that they should feel lucky at a time when companies are letting go staff without paying them a decent severance.

Amazon has reportedly assured a fair and transparent layoff and also promised five months’ pay as a severance package.

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