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Most professionals, even while already in a job, nurture a desire to look out for greener pastures. BeatMySalary claims to facilitate this job hunt while helping maintain anonymity 

It’s interesting how new players in the online recruitment space are trying to find a niche for themselves through some unique offerings.

BeatMySalary is one such job portal, which allows candidates to look for jobs anonymously. The employers get to handpick the top passive candidates they are interested in. The recruiter can reach out to the potential candidate through BeatMySalary internal e-mail and telephony tools.

This model turns out to be beneficial for both the candidates as well as the recruiters. On one hand it saves the candidates from applying to every job posting directly, and on the other, it prevents recruiters from wasting their time going through hundreds of applications received for every job posting.

Most professionals prefer to be discovered by the employers rather than actively apply for jobs, especially when they are already in jobs. However, the desire to look out for greener pastures always exists and this site claims to solve this problem.

Meanwhile, the recruiters get an online shopping kind of experience while looking for candidates. The site has a feature, ‘add to basket’, which is similar to online shopping sites where the recruiters can add the candidates they are interested in to their baskets, and reach out to them when needed.

The site claims that this feature attracts senior professionals and all those who are reluctant to go out in the open to search for jobs.

The other advantage is that candidates do not need to upload their resumes and have to just update the necessary details. This way, candidates are more upfront about their expectations.

Recruiters do not have to publicise the jobs and attract unwanted candidates. They can handpick the candidates they want from amongst those who are interested in the job.


  1. HI Mruthyanjaya,
    Beatmysalary empowers the candidate by remaining anonymous, he can now accept or reject any reachout received. If his current company reaches out he can simply reject the offer and remain anonymous.

    It would be strange if a company reaches out to a potential candidate that already works for them?

    The candidate in this situation would get to know his current employer is recruiting and also what salary is being offered.

  2. Dear Swash and Pooja,

    Thanks for your quick response and assurance. Please construe my comments as feedback for the improvement. I wish that many more disruptions have to be unveiled in the Recruitment space.

    When I filled up my profile in BMS, at certain fields, it is suggested that my last name, number and email would not be disclosed. With this, I had a doubt in my mind why can’t the same employee is picked up by his own company. When the candidate is looking out a job, company is also looking for a substitute. It is as simple as that.

    How is BMS different from LinkedIn for a candidate? LinkedIn is also not a job portal, but at the same time it is useful for searching jobs also.

    Only the terminology changes like “add to basket”, which feature is already available with Monster, Naukri where a Recruiter can save the shortlisted profiles in a separate folder in Recruiter’s account.

    Next, when I tried yesterday, it gets struck after entering the details and click on Save & Continue. Please fix the bug. Hope it is not yet made live.

  3. Experienced person in HR and Administration having an overall working for last 15 years able to handle the job with perfection well versed in statutory, payroll, appraisal, recruitment and others is looking for an urgent position as HR Manager, or above. Presently working for last 2 years’ with a company want to leave urgently.

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