Polaris launches UnMail


It aims to help organisations evolve from passive and closed e-mail technology to more social, collaborative and transparent functional ESN technology.

In any organisation, there is some useful knowledge stored with each employee. When an employee leaves for home in the evening, there is knowledge that goes out the door. Now, there is a solution that claims to keep this knowledge within the system, which can be accessed with or without physical presence.

UnMail is an Enterprise Social Network solution launched by Intellect Design Arena, a Polaris group company. It provides access to all organisation knowledge through ‘Knowledge cloud’. It offers the employees with the opportunity to know and learn new skills. Everyone involved in the project can access and get the status of the project at any time.

It aims to help organisations evolve from a passive and closed e-mail technology to a more social, collaborative and transparent functional ESN technology.

Though there are several ESN solutions available in the market, this one claims to have a differentiated product.

This product shifts the emphasis from individual brilliance to team collaboration and promotes softened hierarchies.

It maps everyone’s functions and needs on this collaboration platform, resulting in improved productivity in the functions the employees are expected to perform.

UnMail also replaces complicated workflows with social conversational workflows. This allows an organisation to streamline enterprise processes with an end-to-end traceability, more transparency and ease of use, which results in an improved adoption of enterprise processes.

It even helps reduce unproductive time spent on sniffing on the e-mails not meant for an individual.

It limits the use of e-mails for connecting with people outside the organisation, and those who are not connected the social way.

By being a functional ESN, UnMail not only addresses the basic needs of connection, communication and collaboration within an enterprise, but it also has direct impact on productivity addressing various enterprise pain points by aligning ‘social’ to ‘common enterprise business needs’.

With modular socio-business apps that are uniquely woven for a universal employee workspace on the Web, mobile (iOS, Android, Blackberry) and tablets, it offers a central enterprise platform that provides ‘social business’ out of the box.

However, experts have a different take on enterprise network solutions, especially the ones that are currently available in the market — Chatter, Yammer and SocialCast.

Industry observers believe, that just like social media, enterprise network solutions should also go beyond sharing knowledge and being a megaphone to make announcements. Rather, it has to be a listening post.

As a senior learning officer of a large IT company says, “The social world is actually about listening and engaging in real-time conversations. Leaders feel vulnerable at the very thought of having to converse, argue and defend their points of view.”



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