Sapience Buddy: Holding a mirror to a day @ work


This tool not only allows people to evaluate work patterns and the time spent on multiple activities during the day, but also suggests effective alterations for improving productivity.

It feels great to stay connected 24X7. Agreed, social media does have immense benefits. However, the flip side is that, it is seen as a serious threat to productivity at the workplace. Besides, this isn’t just an employer’s perspective, even people find this to be an irritant factor as they realise that they have lost a productive day at work due to these interruptions.

Sapience Analytics has launched a tool, Sapience Buddy, which promises to bail out people from this situation and enhance productivity. This tool allows employees to evaluate their work patterns and the time spent on multiple activities during the day. Not only this, the tool even suggests a few simple changes in work habits, based on the work patterns of individuals. These suggestions help the employees enhance their productivity.

What is even more interesting is that the data gathered by the app is absolutely confidential and is not uploaded on any server. This implies that the bosses will not get to know about the ill habits, and improvement will be solely through self-realisation and not something forced upon like a penalty. The tool basically holds up a mirror to an individual’s day at work.

Developed on the basis of insights gained from over 200 million hours of workplace data, the device can act as a virtual assistant. It is also equipped with features, such as wellness prompts.

Shirish Deodhar, co-founder and CEO of Sapience Analytics, recognises the need of the digital age. “Sapience Buddy is our solution for professionals, globally, who are becoming increasingly conscious of the benefits of mindfulness at work.”

The launch of Sapience Buddy supported by Sapience Work Yoga will provide users an impetus to excel at work, improve their wellness and also realise the benefits of mindful work,” Deodhar said.

While the Buddy Lite version can be downloaded free of cost, the professional version will come at a cost of $2 per month.

With devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch dominating the market, Sapience Buddy has taken the next step towards improving the overall health of users by basing suggestions on information like blood pressure and heart rate instead of conjectures.

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