AuthBridge is empaneled to conduct Aadhaar and PAN card verification


AuthBridge’s Identity Verification service offers an instant, economical and reliable solution.

AuthBridge, has been authorised and empaneled with relevant departments to verify the identity of Indian citizens using government issued documents. It has been empaneled to conduct Aadhaar and PAN card verification.

In times when we continually read and hear about incidents related to fake identities, identity verification becomes mandatory to avoid social and workplace related threats like theft, embezzlement, violence, injury and harassment. AuthBridge’s Identity Verification service offers an instant, economical and reliable solution.

Commenting on the development, Ajay Trehan, Founder and CEO, AuthBridge, said, “ Companies need to realize that if they are not checking and verifying a person’s identity first, then they might be checking the records for a wrong person. Our identity verification solution is designed to flag off if an identity related document like Aadhaar card, PAN card or passport is forged, doctored or stolen”.

“The first level identity verification is gaining importance as the on-demand services phenomenon is catching on in India, putting individuals in close contact with total strangers- drivers, home-delivery boys and other service providers. Companies cannot afford to compromise on their reputation or customers’ safety and hence the on-demand economy demands a better but quick background check”.

AuthBridge is already working with one of the leading online cab aggregators and a distance ride sharing service in India to address their instant identity verification requirements for drivers, employees and passengers. AuthBridge’s access to the UIDAI API, including Aadhaar card numbers and fingerprints database, will help these service providers in identifying whether the identity of a passenger is genuine or fake.

With the unprecedented rise in on-demand economy in India, the sector is on a hiring spree- from cab drivers to home delivery boys to other servicemen. Identity Verification becomes an essential step to comply with regulations and ensure maximum customer safety by avoiding any untoward incident.


  1. I want to tag my aadhar number with pan card, bank accout etc. So, need your guidance for the above request.
    please send flow diagram

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