Wipro appoints Chaitanya Sarawate the Managing Director, Wipro GE HealthCare and President & CEO, GE HealthCare South Asia

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Wipro GE HealthCare, a leading global medical technology, diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, today announced the appointment of Chaitanya Sarawate as the Managing Director, Wipro GE HealthCare and President  and CEO, GE HealthCare South Asia. He succeeds Shravan Subramanyam who is leaving to pursue an opportunity outside the company. Chaitanya will work closely with Shravan for a smooth transition as he integrates into his new role, effective February 13, 2023, and will be reporting to Elie Chaillot, President & CEO, GE HealthCare Intercontinental.

Chaitanya brings with him over two decades of corporate and healthcare experience and has been with GE HealthCare for over 12 years. In his new role, he will be responsible for strengthening company’s market leadership position in South Asia by driving localization strategy and delivering clinical excellence, access and precision care. Prior to this, Chaitanya was the Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer for AKA (ASEAN, Korea, Australia & New Zealand), where he spearheaded organizational transformation that drove enhanced visibility, increased empowerment, and gains through segment specialization.

Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro GE HealthCare and Chairman, Wipro Enterprises said, “I would like to congratulate Mr. Chaitanya Sarawate on his appointment. With his extensive commercial expertise and strategic regional and global experience, we are confident he can accelerate growth in the region. He added, “On behalf of the Board, I would also like to thank Shravan Subramanyam for his leadership during the pandemic, one of the toughest times in healthcare. He was instrumental in setting a solid vision and steering the organization towards significant milestones in South Asia. We wish him well.”

Elie Chaillot, President & CEO, GE HealthCare Intercontinental said, “Shravan created opportunities to expand and realize the organization’s vision in the region. He effectively continued our mission to ‘make in India – for India and the world’. We wish him success in his next endeavor.” He added, “South Asia is a priority region for us, and we look forward to further scaling our growth under Chaitanya’s leadership. We are confident that he will usher in a new direction for the business and strengthen the legacy that we have been building for years.”

“South Asia is a powerhouse for the organization. The market is uniquely positioned to be at the cutting-edge of clinical excellence and unlock the value of precision care at scale. I am honored to join a world class team and look forward to propelling our business in India – for India and the world. I want to thank Shravan for his leadership through a period of significant transformation and positioning the business for success,” said Chaitanya.

“Leading Wipro GE HealthCare and this extraordinary team in South Asia has been a privilege. The organization launched several strategic initiatives that will steer the future for healthcare in India and the world. I am proud of what we have accomplished as a team, solving for our patients and customers. I’d like to congratulate Chaitanya on his appointment, this strong team will thrive under his leadership. I look forward to the company’s continued success,” commented Shravan Subramanyam.

Shravan joined Wipro GE HealthCare in 2020. During his tenure, the organization observed robust growth and a focus on localization, skilling and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) initiatives aligned to the national agenda of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Wipro GE HealthCare launched its PLI factory and ‘Made in India’ products, built collaborations to advance patient care pathways as well as launched the first 5G Innovation Lab for GE HealthCare globally, in Bengaluru.

Earlier this month, GE HealthCare completed its spin-off and began trading on Nasdaq. Over the past decades, GE HealthCare has strengthened its presence in India by investing significantly in R&D, manufacturing, distribution capabilities and supply chain. GE HealthCare is a forerunner in healthcare solutions and technology, providing best-in-class medical equipment for India and the world.

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