‘No mercy for employees submitting fake documents’: Delhi High Court

The High Court has ruled that strict action should be taken against employees who do not submit genuine and authentic documents at the time of joining


Employees who submit fake or fabricated documents to their employers in order to get a job should not be shown any mercy, and should be dealt with strictly, according to the Delhi High Court.

The ruling came while dealing with a plea by a woman who got a job at Bihar Bhawan post her husband’s death, on compassionate grounds. She was a Group IV employee.

About 14 years ago, when the woman was accused of getting drunk and creating disturbance in Bihar Bhawan, she was issued a show cause notice following which she was suspended.

An investigation later revealed that she had submitted fake documents at the time of joining. While her documents showed that she had passed Class VIII, it was found that the certificate she had submitted to prove that was not genuine. This discovery led to her being terminated from employment.

The woman claimed that she did not actually require to submit a certificate to prove that she had passed Class VIII to get a job in the Group IV category. In other words, she wasn’t required to be a Class VIII pass candidate for the post she had been appointed to. Therefore, the authenticity of the certificate should not really matter when it comes to her job.

However, the High Court ruled that no sympathy can be shown to any employee who furnishes fake or fabricated documents, and that such people did not deserve to be employed at all. Therefore, her termination was justified.

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