Amazon remote worker now required in office, feels betrayed

Hired as a remote software engineer last year, the employee now struggles with relocating to Amazon's Seattle office


An Amazon employee, who was initially hired for a remote position was subsequently required to spend a minimum of three days per week working in the office as per the company’s new policy. This has led to him feeling that his trust has been breached.

The e-commerce giant has mandated a minimum of thrice a week work-from-office for all its working staff. Apparently, the employee was hired as a software engineer within the company last year, and is facing challenges in relocating to the company’s Seattle office.

The employee clarified that he was initially brought on board for a remote position. However, there has been an abrupt change in the company’s stance, with the firm now mandating employees to return to their physical offices. He realises that if he doesn’t consider relocating or changing his team, he may end up losing his job altogether.

The employee also disclosed that he had previously been employed by Amazon but had left in search of a remote work opportunity. It was only last year when he received an offer for a remote position at Amazon, which significantly influenced their decision to re-join the company.

Furthermore, the employee emphasised that his past half-year was filled with significant stress as he lives with his partner, and they both have their established career in their current area.

The employee who claims to be a very gregarious individual admits that he tends to get distracted in  a social environment. Therefore, remote work really suited him. This sudden mandate will require him to relocate, which is a big concern.  Also, he feels his trust has been  betrayed and does not want to be associated with Amazon again.

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