Amdocs launches Virtually Together to support remote employees

Called Virtually Together, the website aims to provide support for its employees working remotely.


To facilitate work from home for its employees during the rapidly spreading health crisis, Amdocs, the company specialising in communications software and services, has launched a platform for its remote-working staff. On the website itself, Judith Yampolsky, head of Amdocs People, can be seen giving an introduction to the website and why they think it is necessary at this point in time.

Called Virtually Together, the website aims to provide support in the form of facilities such as remote work management, video conferencing, real-time content sharing and digital and collaborative learning platforms.

The website also offers health and well-being solutions, such as stress-reducing tools and content, health tips, exercises and nutrition tips to ensure stable health, both mental and physical.

The organisation has kept the at-home parents in mind who may find it difficult to work while having to take care of their children. For them, Amdocs has included activities for children, where parents can also participate, such as art, home-cooking exercises and other activities.

To help the management keep pace with the changing work-place scenario, the organisation has trained its managers to address the challenges of managing employees during crises and uncertainty.

Talking about this, Shucky Sheffer, president and CEO, Amdocs, says, “In view of the coronavirus outbreak…we are evaluating our guidelines to determine how to best adjust our working routines in the office to the new evolving reality, while keeping our mind on our employees’ health and safety, and our business continuity.”

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