Assam government makes first weekend of 2022 long by 2 days for staff

The CM requested state government employees to use the time off to seek the blessings of their parents and parents-in-law


The employees of the Government of Assam were in for good news at the start of the New Year when they were told they would get two extra days off, making it a long first weekend.

With January 6 and 7 being declared holidays, the Chief Minister hoped that the employees will use the long weekend to spend time with their parents and parents-in-law and seek their blessings. This special leave was announced for ministers and bureaucrats too in addition to the thousands of state government employees.

The employees were also instructed to upload pictures of the time spent with their parents and in-laws on the government portal, as detailed in the local newspapers.

In a video announcement, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma wished for all government employees of Assam to use the long weekend to spend time with the elderly and the seniors and take a step towards preserving Indian values and traditions. He hoped that employees would care for the seniors in their families and seek blessings from the elderly to bring about positive transformations in the State as well as the nation.

By allowing the employees two casual leaves on January 6 and 7, that is, Thursday and Friday, the state government created a long weekend, combining the same with the second Saturday on January 8, followed by Sunday, January 9.

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