‘Be in office 10 days a month’: Infosys to lower-level staff

This move is part of the tech company’s efforts to boost return-to-office and follow the hybrid model


Infosys has asked its lower-level staff members to work from the office for at least ten days a month. This is part of the multinational company’s efforts to encourage return-to-office even while following a hybrid model of work.

Employees from specific bands have reportedly been asked to be in office for a minimum of ten days every month. These bands comprise project leaders, mid-level managers and entry-level employees, as per media reports.

Certain weeks are expected to be dedicated to collaboration and will require all employees to be physically present in the office for the same.

Organisations in the information technology (IT) sector are increasingly wishing for their employees to return to office. Therefore, they are encouraging them to spend more time in the physical office than at home as part of their hybrid work policy.

Back in 2020, Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) was amongst the first multinational IT companies to begin working towards giving up the traditional model of maintaining huge offices and swanky work spaces. It had announced that it would adopt the work-from-home model for good, making arrangements for about 4.48 lakh members of its workforce in India and abroad, to permanently work from home. In fact, at the time, the company saw 75 per cent of its staff working permanently from home by 2025. Three years later, today, TCS admits that post mandating that its staff return to office full time, 70 per cent of its employees have started doing so. It is urging the rest to also follow suit because the firm realises that integration of the old employees with the new hires — who haven’t had the chance to work from the office at all — is essential.

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