Byju’s responsible for long and harsh working hours for its employees

Several employees quit Byju’s due to the toxic working conditions; the company has also recently laid off 2,500 workers.


Byju’s, the EdTech company, has laid off 2,500 employees out of the company’s 50,000 workforce. The EdTech firm was founded in 2011 and digitally launched in 2015. After its digital launch, the company skyrocketed into a multibillion-dollar company.

However, the company has recently been in the news for laying off employees and for having poor working conditions. The company has received alarmingly high allegations of several employees quitting due to the company’s toxic atmosphere. Several of these employees spoke to Reuters and reported about the unhealthy work atmosphere and harsh conditions under which they have to work at Byju’s. 

Employees have stated that they are forced to work long hours, are denied lunch breaks, are forced to work even on weekends, and are threatened with consequences if targets are not met.

Responding to all these claims, Byju’s said, “At Byju’s, our HR policies are tailored to be accommodating and mindful of employee well-being. We have zero tolerance for unpleasant behaviour in the workplace. There is a proper channel for anyone to report any instance where the manager has talked or acted rudely, and we take immediate action to verify and resolve such complaints.”

Byju’s further added, “The exact action taken is decided on a case-by-case basis, after fairly hearing out both sides. We do not hesitate to let go of the managers who either promote or support rudeness in their teams. We have thousands of employees across our group companies, and even in the case of a one-off incident, we immediately evaluate and take strict actions against mistreatment.”

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