Cabin crew should follow company’s standards of ethics: Air India


Air India, owned by the Tata Group, has reportedly instructed its cabin crew to comply with the company’s standards of ethics and warned of disciplinary action in case their actions affect the airline’s reputation. 

The airline’s in-flight safety department issued a communication to its cabin crew members, instructing them not to engage in any act that violates the Tata Code of Conduct (TCOC). The move follows a recent incident where a pilot allegedly attempted to smuggle two iPhone14s into India and was subsequently fined Rs 2.5 lakh. 

The communication also highlighted that some cabin crew members have been caught carrying items in commercial quantity on their return to India from a foreign country, which contravenes customs regulations.

Air India emphasised that cabin crew members are ambassadors of the airline and must adhere to ethical standards and follow the TCOC, as their behaviour has a direct impact on the company’s image. The communication warned that any violation of the TCOC would lead to strict disciplinary action. 

The airline also reminded its employees that removing items from aircraft or any other company or affiliated premises without written permission violates the TCOC. It further noted that security checks have been scheduled on arrivals across the network to curb such malpractice.

The Tata Group’s TCOC is a comprehensive document that provides ethical guidelines for the group’s companies and employees. Air India had announced the implementation of the TCOC for its employees in May 2021. The airline’s recent communication highlights its commitment to upholding ethical standards and the importance of maintaining a positive image in the public eye.


  1. Shocking to.hear this news. Maybe HR has to revisit the hiring process to weed out potential candidates with no sense of integrity. Will be interesting to know if these employees are direct recruits to
    Air India after take over or the old usual suspects from erstwhile
    Air India.

    Hope employees caught for these acts are terminated. That’s the least company can do for this lot.

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