Cognizant staff burn over 800 lakh calories, shed 4,500 kg

Apple watches, Fitbits, BTWIN cycles and NutriBullet Pro Blenders were given away as rewards


Cognizant’s annual health challenge, this year, was conduced online in collaboration with the health app, Healthifyme. The whole programme included webinars on nutrition, exercise and mental health and witnessed participation by 18,000 employees and families.

Yoga and aerobics sessions for employees and their families were a big draw as they taught exercises that did not require any equipments. In total, the employees together walked about 880 million steps. In other words, they covered over six lakh kilometres and burned about 843 lakh calories. An overwhelming 4500 kilograms of weight were shed! The incentives given to employees were Apple watches, Fitbits, BTWIN cycles and NutriBullet Pro Blenders.

The Healthifyme app helped to log in 15 lakh meals eaten and 11 lakh glasses of water consumed throughout the day by the participants.

This health programme was a welcome distraction from work and helped employees to bond and interact unofficially.

Cognizant is known for its employee-engagement programmes, that cover not just physical and mental wellbeing and health, but parenting, financial management, and even relationship counselling.

Some sports and other celebrities were roped in to share their experiences and exercise routines with the staff, to motivate and inspire them.

Most organisations have realised how important it is to focus on the physical and mental health of the employees, especially after the pandemic, which took a significant toll.

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