Collector orders government staff in Satara to wear masks

Masks have been made mandatory in the district for all government and semi-government employees


Considering the growing number of COVID and influenza cases in the state of Maharashtra, the collector of Satara district has asked all residents of the district to wear masks and also adhere to social distancing and hygiene norms in crowded and public areas. Meanwhile, masks have been mandated for all government and semi-government employees and staff of colleges and banks in Satara.

The number of active COVID cases in Maharashtra reportedly stands at about 3,500.

Elsewhere in the country, in Haryana, masks have been made mandatory for all healthcare workers and at gatherings of over a 100 people.

According to the Centre, the new variant poses less risk and may not result in many hospitalisations.

In Kerala, The health department has issued directives making it compulsory for all health workers to wear masks inside the hospital. All district medical officers have been told to ensure compliance.

Considering the surging cases of COVID, the Supreme Court has allowed lawyers to appear before the court virtually, if they so wish. The hybrid model of work continues to be in place.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada recently eased COVID-19 protocols and asked its employees to return to office three or four days a week.

In fact, globally, organisations are expecting their employees to return to office, as fear of coronavirus ebbs.

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