£62,000 for picking vegetables and fruits?

A British firm is offering whopping salaries to workers, amidst shortage of resources, to pick cabbages and broccoli


TH Clements and Son, a British firm that supplies fresh vegetables and fruits to supermarkets, is paying very attractive salaries to workers keen to pick cabbage and broccoli. Its ads offer an annual pay of up to £62,000, which is about Rs 63 lakh, to workers to pick cabbage and harvest broccoli!

The workers will have to work eight hours a day and five days a week, to earn £30 per hour or £1,200 a week, that is, £4,800 a month. That means, in a year, these workers can earn a total of £62,400.

The Lincolnshire-based wholesaler of vegetables is understaffed, due to COVID-related mobility restrictions and Brexit restricting migrant labourers.

The Company’s ads call out to workers to work as ‘field operatives’ full time. The ad clarifies that the workers will be paid depending on the amount of work they do, that is, the amount of vegetables or fruits they pick.

Even warehouses across Britain have been forced to hike the pay of their staff by up to 30 per cent as workers are hard to come by. The supply chains have already been struggling with dearth of resources for some time now. With the festive season fast approaching, employers and recruiters are finding it challenging to find replacements for European workers and migrants who used to turn up for the festival rush, to help out at the distribution centres and storehouses.


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