After Wipro, Infosys also announces second round of increments

These increments are aimed at checking attrition and retaining talent


Infosys is set to give wage increments with effect from July 2021. This is the second round of hikes being offered by the Company in this calendar year. The move is aimed at talent retention and checking attrition. Earlier, a hike was announced effective January, 2021.

At Infosys’ virtual annual general meeting, Pravin Rao, COO, Infosys, shared that demand was picking up owing to the opening of the markets, and that hiring was on in full swing at most companies, leading to higher attrition in FY21 as compared to FY20.

Therefore, the two rounds of increments are part of the Company’s efforts to retain talent. Over the last year, the Company has also tried to engaged its workforce through continuous learning opportunities and career advancement programmes.

Infosys has continued to add to its talent pool by recruiting 19,230 graduates in India and 1,941 abroad, to handle the rising demand for digitalisation across the world. At the 40th AGM, Nandan Nilekani, chairman, pointed out that Infosys is capable of posting great performance again post pandemic, where cloud will become prominent.

The Company has a large number of employees with approved H-1B visas and ready to travel to the US, to lend support to clients.

It also plans to double its Canadian workforce to 4,000 employees in two years’ time, and is all set to create 1,000 digital jobs in the UK, to contribute to the economic recovery and growth post pandemic.

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