Apple offers additional benefits to new parents in its workforce

A four-week extension is being offered in addition to 16 weeks of paid leave.


Technology company, Apple, has rolled out additional benefits for new parents in its workforce. It is offering them a four-week extension over and above the16-week paid leave they are already entitled. The benefit will be offered to even those employees who adopt or foster kids.

This four-week period will not translate into any loss of pay. In fact, employees will have the option to choose their own convenient time to work or opt to work part time, if they so wish during this extension.

The new employee benefit policy is offered to all staff, even the retail workers.

The benefit has been offered keeping in mind the fact that while new parents are enthusiastic to return to work, they do want to ensure that things are under control back home too. This causes a lot of anxiety, which naturally affects their productivity.

Keeping in mind that the adoption process can be rather expensive, Apple has increased the financial support it offers to employees who adopt kids. The Company right now provides a sum of $14,000, which is thrice the earlier amount.

The Company has also launched a mental wellness benefits programme, wherein free counselling will be offered to employees annually, along with telemedicine options.

Amazon too offers new parents a ‘ramp back’ programme, which allows new parents to get back to work and settle down at a convenient pace . It offers them an eight-week flexible schedule, as well as reduced work hours.

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