Aries Group to pay salaries to unemployed wives of employees

This is the Company’s way of recognising the hard work and support provided by the wives of the staff members


Sohan Roy, owner of the UAE-based multinational conglomerate, Aries Group of Companies has taken a unique step towards empowering women. He has announced that the Company will pay monthly salaries to the unemployed wives of its employees. To implement the scheme, work is already on to create a database of the wives of the staff members. The salaries will reportedly be fixed on the basis of the tenure of their husbands.

The details of the scheme are yet to be revealed, but it is a step towards making these homemakers self-sufficient. By providing a regular income to the homemakers who have been lending unconditional support to their husbands employed with the Aries Group, throughout the pandemic, the Company wishes to recognise the sincerity and efforts of these women.

This is not the first time the Group has done something for the families of its staff. It already offers a pension scheme for the parents of its employees.

Roy, who has roots in Kerala, came up with this unique idea when he read about India’s Supreme Court order upholding that the value of a house-wife’s work cannot be considered as any less than the husband’s job.

The Conglomerate, which is over two decades old, comprises about 56 companies spread over 16 countries. It has offices in Kochi, Kerala, too. According to the Khaleej Times, the Group did not resort to layoffs despite the pandemic-induced challenges.

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