Borosil announces huge compensation for families of staff who died of COVID

The Company has decided to give 2 years’ pay to the families of employees who lose their lives to COVID, and also take care of their children’s education till they graduate


Borosil and Borosil Renewables have gone out of their way to announce an extraordinary compensation for the families of those employees who lose their lives to COVID-19. The families of the deceased will continue to receive the monthly salary of the employee for two years even after his or her death. In addition, the Company will also bear the expenses of the education of the children of the deceased employees, within the country, till they graduate.

This benefit was announced by Shreevar Kheruka, managing director, Borosil, via a LinkedIn post, which was appreciated and lauded by one and all.

In his post, Kheruka names the four employees who recently died because of the COVID-19 infection and states that their loss is irreparable and “indescribable” and that the benefit announced by him cannot even begin to cover the loss.

He rightly points out that the “real assets of Borosil are not reflected on our balance sheet at all.” He makes it very clear that the Company intends to protect and safeguard these assets. This has been announced to further the Company’s commitment towards the workforce.

Borosil, the glassware company, has a workforce that is about 200-strong.

Time for other organisations to take their corporate responsibility more seriously and be inspired by Borosil.

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