Daimler and Amazon India to offer bonuses to staff

Daimler has announced a ‘corona bonus’ for its employees in Germany, while Amazon India is offering bonus to its employees following the lead of its other branches worldwide


Daimler, the Stuttgart-based carmaker and owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand, will pay €1000 as bonus to its 160,000 employees in Germany. This is to compensate for working from home and having to wear a mask. In India, Amazon India will pay bonuses to its employees who had been a part of the company between October 16 and November 13.

The €1000 from Daimler is a one-time bonus being paid to recognise the efforts put in by the employees during the pandemic to overcome various challenges. The bonus is the Company’s way of thanking its proactive employees who continue to work for it, despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic.

Amazon India will pay its full-time employees a bonus of Rs 6,300, while the part-time employees will get a bonus of Rs 3,150 in recognition of their work.

The bonus is a part of the $ 500 million holiday special compensation given to Amazon workers worldwide. This development comes as a response to #MakeAmazonPay movement that alleges that the e-commerce giant has amassed profits at the expense of its workers.

With the $500 million bonus given out as a holiday bonus, Amazon’s total expenditure on compensations alone will be $ 2.5 billion globally.

It has been alleged that Amazon had made $960 billion in the past decade, but had just paid $3.4 billion in taxes. The workers at Amazon’s warehouses have been unhappy, and have alleged that Amazon followed exploitative HR practices. This allegation took the form of a movement especially seeing that Amazon’s valuation and Jeff Bezos’ personal wealth increased during the pandemic.

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