Error in payroll: a Chilean man gets 286 times of his salary into his a/c; resigns & absconds

The Chilean employer has taken legal steps to recover the money from the employee


An employee at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (CIAL), the largest producer of cold cuts in Chile, had a pleasant surprise on the salary day in June. He realised that he had received 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (Rs 1.42 Crore) into his salary account which was 286 times of his actual salary of 500,000 pesos (Rs 43,000).

He is honest enough to inform the HR department about this goof up, but later he resigns and absconds.

After the incident came to notice, the company had asked the employee to refund the extra amount. The employee also agreed that he would visit his bank and initiate the process of refund by communicating to bank officials about the incident.

One day passed, but the company did not receive any notification from the bank about the refund. The company officials dropped a message to the employee which went unanswered. When the company called the employee, he replied that he had overslept and could not visit the bank the other day. This was the last communication the company had with the employee.

The employee had no intention to repay the money back. On June 02, the employee abruptly put in his papers and without receiving any official acknowledgement from the company, the employee disappeared.

Now CIAL has filed a case against the employee and has taken legal steps to recover the money from the employee.

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