Flipkart to allow employees to customise their benefits package

The FlexBen programme will give freedom to employees to choose their insurance and non-insurance benefits according to their individual needs.


Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, has introduced an inclusive benefits programme for its employees, called FlexBen 2019. The programme will enhance the existing employee health and well-being policies to address the needs of the ever evolving diverse workforce of Flipkart. The new flexible programme is in response to the findings of an engagement survey that was conducted to understand the preferences of the employees. While 20 per cent of the employees wished for a flexible benefits programme, 10 per cent of the staff members desired wellness centres and gym facilities.

Now, the employees will be allowed the freedom to choose their own benefits, in keeping with their needs, including insurance and non-insurance benefits.

A company survey reveals that 50 per cent of Flipkart employees feel that benefits and policies act as great attraction and retention tools.

“We know that our success as a company depends on the success and satisfaction of our employees. Recognising the fact that today’s workforce is diverse and can have varied personal and professional needs, we have recently introduced the FlexBen programme. It is specifically crafted based on the feedback received from our employees. The programme will offer greater flexibility and choice in selecting and funding employee benefits, allowing them to customise their benefits package based on their individual needs,” says Smriti Krishna Singh, CHRO, Flipkart.

Singh further adds, “The FlexBen programme is universal and inclusive, as it provides benefits coverage equally to all employees. For instance, through this plan, we offer coverage for LGBT couples, choice of additional child care or parent care coverage and more options for single employees. Our FlexBen programme is designed to give each employee the freedom of choice and is another step forward in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are proud to be not only the first e-commerce organisation in the country to lead this initiative, but also be one of the first few companies in India to do this.”

Flipkart is known for taking care of its employees, and with the FlexBen programme it has yet again put the needs of its employees over business. Flipkart claims to be the first e-commerce company to introduce such a unique programme.

Clearly, the Company values the feedback of its employees.

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