Google cuts severance pay; approved medical and maternity leaves also affected

Former employees of Google, who were let go during their medical or maternity leave, have alleged that the company has declined to compensate them for their sanctioned leave period


After letting go of 12,000 staff members in January, Google may cut severance pay along with declining to honour several other leaves. As reported by Business Insider, many employees have recounted their layoff experiences, with some unexpectedly losing access to their work systems, while others were terminated during their vacations, maternity leave, and even medical leave.

However, Google may not be inclined to cover some of the previously approved medical and maternity leaves of its employees. According to a Business Insider report that was first attributed to CNBC, ex-Googlers who were let go while on medical or maternity leave have alleged that the company declined to compensate them for their authorized time off. Over 100 former Google workers have urged Alphabet, the tech behemoth’s parent company, to reimburse them for the time off that had been previously sanctioned, CNBC notes.

Reportedly, ex-Googlers have communicated with top executives at Alphabet, including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and chief people officer Fiona Cicconi, via multiple letters.

According to a report by CNBC, an email was sent to the leadership team requesting that they make a sincere attempt to fulfil the conditions of the original parental and/or disability leave agreements for all approved leaves until January 20, 2023. The employees have set a deadline of March 31 for the severance terms.

The employees have also claimed that Google informed them that they would get a regular severance package up to their ‘designated end date’ instead of the paid time off that they had been granted earlier. The said date is due on March 31.

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