Innovaccer announces inclusive parental-leave policy

All parents are eligible for these leaves regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, location or method of parenthood


Innovaccer, a healthcare data platform has announced an all new parental-leave policy for its employees. The Company has further enhanced its existing parental-leave policy by making it all inclusive. The policy now gives 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, eight weeks of paid paternity leave and 12 weeks of parental leave to parents who have adopted a child.

The key highlight of this new policy is its inclusive nature, where all parents are eligible regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, location or how they become a parent.

The idea behind this new change is to build a culture where employees can spend quality time with their kids and also ensure that the children get the required attention from their guardians.

“Having a child is the most beautiful feeling in this world. We want to ensure the establishment of an inclusive culture where all our people get to spend time caring for their children while thriving in their careers,” said Abhinav Shashank, CEO, Innovaccer.

This new parental-support policy “is an important part of our efforts to provide and strengthen children with the best start in life, by allowing parents to spend more time with their new child,” added Shashank.

Men who have spent more than 12 months in the company are eligible for a set of eight weeks of paid parental leave. The policy clearly outlines the occasions on which employees can avail these leaves, such as school events and more.

The Company’s “family-friendly” policies “treat parents equally and support them in the various joys of life,” says Sonali Damle, chief people officer, Innovaccer.

Innovaccer began working on this policy in September 2022 and will keep making flexible changes to it to augment childcare aid and cater to different parenting needs.

As Damle asserts, “We wish to make Innovaccer a more inclusive workplace” .

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