Microsoft offers Rs 2 crore package to Hyderabad software dev engineer

Narkuti Deepti will join Microsoft’s office in Washington, US


Narkuti Deepti, from Hyderabad, has managed to get a job as a software development engineer at Microsoft, in the US. She will be paid a salary of Rs 2 crore per year.

Deepti, who was earlier employed with JP Morgan Chase for three years, had quit her job and moved to the US to pursue her postgraduation in computer science, from the University of Florida. She was selected by Microsoft through campus placement. Of the offers she received from Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft, Deepti chose to accept the one from Microsoft.

Another Indian software engineer working for Microsoft at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, who has been grabbing headlines is Prarthana Sannamni.

Determined to do her bit for Indians battling the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, she set out to create a website called This website carries a comprehensive list of COVID-19 resources in India.

What began as a compilation of contact details of doctors, health centres and suppliers of oxygen cylinders in the area where her parents stayed, so that they could have all the contact numbers at hand in case of an emergency, transformed into a website for the benefit of the entire country.

She decided to focus on oxygen cylinders and hospital beds for the website, which she thought were the most in demand.

With help from her co-workers and friends in India as well as the US, she has successfully created a very effective network via

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