Most median workers in the US earned higher salaries than previous year

The median employee salary at Alphabet was $295,884 in 2021, while that of Facebook was $292,785, that is, 8% and 11% higher than 2020, respectively


A study by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that the medium average salary of employees at 25 top US companies exceeded $100,000 in 2021. Not really surprising, since the median employee at Alphabet, Google’s parent, earned $295,884 in 2021, while the median worker at Meta, parent of Facebook, earned about $292,785 in 2021. That means, a hike of eight per cent and 11 per cent, respectively.

The median employee at Twitter took home $232, 626 in 2021, up by 13 per cent compared to 2020. At Netflix, the median worker earned $201,743 in 2021.

Clearly, most companies in the list were from the tech space, where the demand for quality tech talent is rather high. It is this war for talent that has jacked up the salaries.

It is reported that TikTok pays about $30 per hour to $4,00,000 annually. It has over a billion active users and understandably needs more people to be able to fulfil the demand.

Not long ago, Discovery and WarnerMedia merged to form Warner Bros. Discovery. The earning was reportedly about $55 per hour – $300,000 per year for Warner Media employees, whereas it was in the range of $52,333 – $300,000 per annum for Discovery employees.

In 2021, when the economy of the US partly recovered from the short recession period of 2020, the compensation for CEOs went up along with stock prices. As most CEOs’ salaries are based on their companies’ performance, their compensation increased.

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