Now Odisha MLAs want pay hike

The MLAs are demanding that their salaries be increased in considering the rising inflation


The MLAs of Odisha are demanding that the Government increase their salaries, which were last revised in 2017, that is, about five years ago.

Given the rising inflation, the MLAs feel that it is time their salaries were revised.

The present salary of the legislators of the State is Rs 1 lakh per month, whereas the MLAs of other states earn more.

It is also being demanded that the monthly pensions of the MLAs be increased from the present Rs 30,000.

Last month, the bill for increment of the salaries of Delhi MLAs was approved by the Delhi Assembly. The bill seeks over 66 per cent hike in salaries and allowances of MLAs, which was last revised about 11 years ago. Delhi MLAs claim to be the lowest paid in the country.

Five different bills were passed for an increment in the remuneration of ministers, MLAs, chief whip, speaker and deputy speaker, and leader of opposition in the Assembly. They will be implemented once the approval is received from the President.

Once the approval is obtained, Delhi MLAs will earn Rs 90,000 per month, instead of the earlier Rs 54,000.

Along with the monthly salaries of the MLAs, their constituency allowance will see an increase, and their conveyance allowance will also be hiked along with their telephone and secretarial allowances.

The salary and allowances of the Delhi ministers, speaker and deputy speaker, chief whip, and leader of opposition will be go up to about Rs 1.70 lakh per month instead of the present Rs 72,000.

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