Private employees to get full salary during Delhi lockdown

Delhi Chief Minister has ordered that private offices should consider their staff to be on duty and pay them for the period March 22 to March 31.


Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, while announcing the Delhi lockdown, has also directed that all private companies will have to consider their employees to be on duty during the lockdown period, that is March 22 to March 31, and pay them their full remuneration.

This announcement is good news for private-sector employees, including those on the rolls of organisations and those working on contract.

Delhi is to be on complete lockdown from 6 a.m. on March 22, to the midnight of March 23. The move is aimed at checking the spread of COVID-19, which has already taken the capital in its grip, and has been spreading rapidly across the country, with new cases being reported by the day.

With effect from 9 p.m. on March 22, Section 144 has been imposed in Delhi. This bans the gathering of four or more people at a single place. Therefore, there will not be any more gatherings of any nature, be it religious, academic, cultural, political or social. No events will take place either. Weekly vegetable markets had already been banned earlier. Private tour operators cannot conduct any tours in the national capital. Also, all borders of Delhi will be sealed and all flights, domestic and international will be suspended, and no inter-state buses will run. However, 25 per cent of the DTC buses will continue to ply exclusively for those citizens involved in essential services.


  1. What about self workers that not getting anything during lockdown I m running home tution but as now no income form this month’s what I do

  2. What’s about seltworker that not getting during lockdown i m running home tution n part time job in home but as now no money from this time what i do in this time how can i pay my monthly credit card bill or etc

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