Sikkim Govt. to provide 1-Yr maternity leave to its employees

It will be the first state to increase maternity leave for its employees to a period of one year


Employees of the state government of Sikkim will be entitled to one full year of maternity leave. Male employees will also receive 1 month of paternity leave.

The government will soon make changes to the service rule for employees to avail this benefit. The Sikkim government believes that this will allow its employees to take better care of their children and families.

According to the Maternity Benefit Act, the minimum maternity leave granted to a working woman is 26 weeks, which amounts to roughly six months. Women working with the state government of Sikkim will now get the additional benefit of six months.

Sikkim, the northeastern state of India, has the lowest population of around 6.71 lakh. It will be the first state to increase maternity leave for its employees to a period of one year.

The Sikkim government employs around 73,000 people, which includes both regular and those on muster roll and ad hoc. According to the state government website, the total number of regular employees employed by the state is 37,196.

Lately, the Sikkim government has also streamlined the promotion process for civil services officers, which has led to an increase in the number of promotions.


  1. Good move, but clarification on maternity leave is needed.
    How many children each employee can have should be made clear.
    I suggest this facility should be limited to two children.
    If in first delivery twins are born, then employee should not go for second delivery.
    If in first delivery triplets are born or in first delivery single child is born, and in second delivery twins are born, then, all three children should get all benefit what two children parents get.

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