Surrogacy, adoption leave for staff of Tata Steel Mining

TSML employees will also be eligible for childcare leave and menstrual leave among other leaves


Tata Steel Mining Limited (TSML) is taking a step in the right direction to ensure an inclusive, happy and engaged workforce. The Company has introduced certain new leave policies, which have been implemented across its offices in the country. These include maternity and surrogacy leave, child care leave, leave for parents of new-born and menstrual leave. Adoption leave is also offered even to single men and transgenders. In fact, the ‘new-born parent leave’ permits an employee (men, transgenders or any one partner of gay/lesbian couple) to take up to seven days off.

The new maternity policy makes pregnant women eligible for 26 weeks of paid leave during pregnancy and post delivery. On the other hand, surrogacy leave offers 12 weeks of paid leave to the mother. In addition, new mothers can also enjoy ‘nursing breaks’ of half an hour, four times a day, to feed their infants, till they are fifteen months old. Seven additional ‘child care leaves’ a year are also offered to mothers in the workforce till their children turn five.

A day’s leave can be taken by women as ‘menstrual leave’ every month, for which they do not need to seek approval. The ‘adoption leave’ of up to 12 weeks is offered to eligible women employees, transgender or any one of same sex partners, if they decide to adopt a child within the age limit of five.

The Company is committed to creating a workplace that gives everyone equal opportunity, be it men, women, persons with disabilities or employees from the LGBTQ+ community.

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