Concerns about job security, workplace policies grew during pandemic: Survey

The survey by TimesJobs asked HR managers about the challenges they faced in managing remote-working staff, during the pandemic.


With remote working becoming the new normal, the survey by TimesJobs, titled ‘HR managers & Remote working’ could not have been better timed. As per the Survey, about 13 per cent of the HR managers admitted that employees’ concerns pertaining to company policies grew during the lockdown. About 12 per cent of the HR managers revealed that their companies had to relook at the employee policies and restructure them in order to handle the concerns of the employees. A significant 74 per cent of the HR managers admitted to handling more queries from employees pertaining to layoffs and pay cuts during the lockdown. However, 26 per cent of those surveyed felt there was no increase in the number of such queries.

Based on responses from about 1,345 HR managers, the Survey reveals that the biggest challenge for HR managers was to maintain the productivity of the employees. While 50 per cent of the respondents felt they were moderately prepared to deal with the current situation, about 32 per cent felt they were adequately equipped. However, 17 per cent HR managers admitted that they were not sufficiently equipped to deal with the challenges thrown up by the present scenario.

Almost 63 per cent of the HR managers surveyed felt they would like to continue with the remote working arrangement even after complete lifting of lockdown.

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