Delhi regularises 700 contractual jobs at DJB

The Delhi government wants to set an example for other states in India


During an event at the Delhi Secretariat on February 9, 2022, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejrewal, handed over job certificates to about 700 contractual employees of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), regularising their jobs for good, making them permanent staff.

The CM hopes that with this initiative, the myth that making contractual workers permanent only makes them lazier and less hard working, will be dispelled. With this initiative, the Delhi Government wants to set an example for the other states to follow.

It is hoped that other state governments will evaluate the situations in their own states and take such a positive step. Kejrewal believes that these contractual workers will work twice as hard because as they will now experience a sense of security.

These 700 regularised contractual workers will, from now on, receive medical facilities, government accommodation, leave benefits and terminal dues such as gratuity, pension, leave travel concession and more.

The state government’s official announcement also states that the salaries of these employees will now be almost doubled and they will also be eligible for dearness allowance, annual increments, children’s education allowance, paternity leave and maternity leave.

The Delhi chief minister clarified that this regularisation of jobs could happen at DJB because it is an autonomous body. Although he hopes for similar regularisation of jobs in other departments of Delhi government as well, but that will not be as easy as most of the administration is dependent on the Centre.

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