Despite axing 7,000 jobs, Salesforce is actively looking for new recruits

 The company plans to hire for sales, engineering and data cloud roles

Brian Millham, chief operating officer, Salesforce, has announced that the incoming recruits will be distributed across three key areas: sales, engineering and the team dedicated to Salesforce’s data cloud product. As of now, there has been no immediate response from the company to a Reuters inquiry regarding this report.

At the beginning of 2023, Salesforce made headlines when it announced its intention to reduce its global workforce by 10 per cent, resulting in approximately 7,000 employees worldwide losing their jobs. These job cuts happened via a two-hour video conference call, drawing significant media attention. Regrettably, Salesforce is now facing another wave of layoffs, this time impacting employees in the sales and customer success departments.

In a letter addressed to Salesforce employees, the company broke the news of the initial phase of job reductions within the company. The letter cited challenging economic conditions and a more cautious approach by customers in their purchasing decisions as the primary drivers behind this decision. Benioff emphasised that the company’s top priority for those affected by the layoffs is to offer comprehensive support, which includes a generous severance package.

In an effort to navigate the decline in technology spending, the enterprise software manufacturer has introduced a range of artificial intelligence capabilities and implemented its first price increase in seven years. Just recently, the company unveiled a generative AI tool named Einstein Copilot, which is accessible across its suite of applications, spanning from the instant messaging platform Slack to the data visualisation tool Tableau. Clients have the flexibility to customise this tool to align with their specific requirements.

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