MG Motor India’s all-women crew manufactures 50,000th Hector

The Company’s workforce comprises 33 per cent women, making it rather gender inclusive in a male-dominated sector


Upholding its commitment to gender parity, MG Motor India has managed to manufacture its 50,000th Hector using an all-women crew at its manufacturing facility in Halol, in the Panchmahal district of Gujarat. Thirty-three per cent of the auto manufacturing company’s workforce comprises women, who work along with men across all functions. This makes MG rather gender inclusive considering that this labour intensive sector is actually dominated by males.

All women teams took care of the end-to-end production, which involved handling panel-pressing of sheet metal, welding jobs and painting work. The post-production test runs were also handled by women!

Women of MG Motor India

Rajeev Chaba, president and managing director, MG Motor India, points out how the Company has always “been a progressive brand with diversity, community, innovation, and experiences as its cornerstones.”He sees the rollout of the 50,000th Hector by an all-women team “as an honour to their contributions and hard work.” He went on to say that “glass ceilings no longer exist even in an erstwhile male-dominated industry such as automobile manufacturing.” The Company hopes that many women across the country will be inspired to join the automotive industry now.

The auto manufacturer aims to achieve 50 per cent gender diversity within the organsiation in the future leading to a balanced workforce. By working closely with the local panchayats near its manufacturing plant, MG has been able to encouraged more young women to work in its facility and offers them a safe and secure environment.

While both men and women have been equally trained to handle state-of-the-art machinery at its facility, there has been a focus on hiring women, ever since 2018. Today, these women are driving core areas of manufacturing at the facility.

If trained well, both men and women handle the machinery with equal competency. This forward-looking approach makes MG more gender-inclusive in an otherwise labour-intensive automotive sector.

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