Paris’ Mayor to pay a fine for violating gender parity law

In 2018, Anne Hidalgo apparently promoted 11 women to senior positions and only five men


Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, may have to cough up a fine of €90,000, that is, about Rs 8,120,144, for favouring her gender. Yes, she has been accused of violating the ‘Suavadet Law’, which demands that gender parity be observed while hiring. Hidalgo has been accused of giving more promotions to women than men while recruiting for higher ranks.

Apparently, two years ago, in 2018, she gave promotions to 11 women as opposed to five men, elevating them to senior managerial posts. As per the Sauvadet Law, not more than 60 per cent of jobs should go to any single gender.

Hidalgo went against the law by giving away 69 per cent of the senior management positions to women. This also disturbed the gender parity in employment.

She, however, feels the fine is unjust and even ridiculous because women need to be promoted in France, but she will, along with other senior women, pay the fine to the Ministry of Public Service.

Hidalgo managed to draw a lot of support on social media, though. Such fines have apparently been done away with in 2019, but in Paris, women account for merely 47 per cent of senior-management positions. That is not all, they are reportedly paid six per cent less than men in the same positions.

Therefore, the fine appears to be even more absurd at a time when Paris needs to actually promote women aggressively to achieve parity.

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