Dunzo to address pending salary issues while co-founder exits

In June, 85% of employees were paid; July salaries are pending, and former employee dues will be settled in the next three months.


Dunzo, with backing from Reliance Retail and Google, has unveiled plans to address its financial obligations to former employees over the next three months while simultaneously working on stabilising the salary disbursements for its current workforce.

In light of recent developments, Davlir Suri, co-founder has chosen to depart from the company, while the other Mukund Jha, co-founder is set to continue as a vital member of the strategic leadership team.

In June, the company successfully cleared the pending salaries for 85 per cent of its employees. However, salary payments for the month of July are currently pending, although salaries for the subsequent months have been resolved. It is expected that the outstanding July salaries will also be settled shortly. The dues owed to former employees will be addressed within the next three months, as confirmed by an anonymous source with knowledge of the situation.

These developments follow Dunzo’s achievement of raising USD 75 million in April, coupled with its earlier decision to let go of approximately 300 employees during the first half of this year as part of cost-saving measures. The company has amassed a total of USD 457 million in funding. Furthermore, another source has hinted at the possibility of the company trimming its workforce by an estimated 150–200 employees in the near future.

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